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Contemporary social networks have allowed us to expand our virtual directories, but how to capitalize on this expansion has remain lost on most, furthermore, the majority of these contacts may largely composed of unknowns. When looking for a professional in the field of childcare, osteopathy, or are in search of a professional opportunity for yourself you often look to your closest friends and family.

Following this line of thought, Widr was created in January 2019.

The French App is available on iOS and Android, and is designed by Sphere, a company specializing in the creation of ephemeral social networks. Widr has reinvented the notion of a social network, with the function of recommendations at its core: recommendations for a professional in the field of (health, personal services, etc …) or a professional looking for work. Widr puts an end to the hours spent skimming through thousands of virtual contacts to find the right contact. You can simply find a profile or an opportunity to meet your request within the trusted confines of your friends or the friends of your friends.

Rather than adding unknown individuals, Widr allows the user to rely on his own electronic phone directory, but also those of his contacts. Only individuals who have registered their phone number appear in Widr, and this number is secure because it can only be contacted by people who already had the number saved in their directory. Furthermore, by relying on the network of your contact’s contacts, Widr gives the directory an exponential range… Because we all know “someone who knows someone”!


A virtuous circle

One of Widr’s key principles is its system of mutual benefits. It is the desire to help one of your contacts (by recommending a pertinent profile for what someone is searching, or by referring them to a professional opportunity …) which in turn will make them want to return the favor to whoever needs it.

SEO … or Same Equal Opportunities !

Widr gives a new meaning to SEO – by opposing the classic meaning of Search Engine Opposition: Widr prioritizes the relevance of recommendations rather than suggesting sponsored content.


A single word from a loved one endorsing anything will always have a thousand times more impact than any number of positive comments from unknowns on a post on the Internet. Therefore, which is the most reassuring when looking for a child caretaker or a housekeeper?


On Widr, the average time to resolve a request is xx minutes… the secret? The perfect balance between a network with the power to exponentially grow and the serious engagement of each of its users, this is the famous “trusted third party”.

Saving time

Whether you are self-employed or a professional under advertising regulations, the time you spend exploring prospective clients or surveying new opportunities, is time that is not spent running your business. With Widr, you become visible and the opportunities will come to you.

Widr in a few figures

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How to write

Widr should be written as one string of letters. Only the “W” is capitalized. All other letters should be lowercase.

Correct: Widr

Incorrect: WiDr, widr, WidR, WiDR


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Widr prioritizes the protection of personal data of its users. The disclosure of any member’s identity or personal information, without permission, is strictly prohibited. The only platform that has the right to be online, printed or spread is that of the website: and its content has been modified to protect the personal data of its members.


Trust is the cornerstone of Widr, and we are uncompromising in the security and privacy of our members’ data.

At a time when Internet giants are charged with leaking millions of passwords from their users or selling their data to the highest bidder, Widr remains unwavering in its beliefs: privacy will not become obsolete.

As well,

  • Every member is connected using their real name and every profile is verified by our team.
  • We do not collect the data of any exchanges between members. Only their phone numbers are kept in an encrypted manner so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • We do not disclose your information to any advertisers.

Our company is compliant according to the policies of GDPR, to know more, consult our general conditions of use and legal notices.

If you have any doubts concerning security do not hesitate to seek more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions about Security.