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With 200% user growth since its launch and 10,000 new contacts each week, Forbes has named Widr the game changer of 2019.

Joining us is like working at Facebook in 2004, except that you’ll shape the confidentiality rules that make up Widr’s DNA.

Help us build the world’s biggest directory, made up of 2 billion contacts.

John Banner

Chairman, Paris

People are constantly searching for the best recommendations from trustworthy contacts in record time. We are leading an enormous crusade: our aim is to establish a close community within your global network that spreads the Give First spirit.

We have created a powerful and trusted collective network, an unstoppable force for the greater good within a platform that takes word of mouth to a global level.

Widr is dedicated to providing Super Equal Opportunities. We offer the same service to all of our users so that everyone has access to endless opportunities, regardless of their background.

The Widr team is made up of passionate engineers and the brightest creative minds from around the world. These pioneers are working behind the scenes and are dedicated to building the next breakthrough in social networking.

We are overcoming exciting technical challenges that have resulted in over 95% of users relying on Widr to find a solution to their needs. Our users keep an eye out for each other, and have created an online network that builds relationships offline. We predict that billions of new contacts will join Widr over the next twelve months.

We live in a ‘Google it’ era. People rely on the Internet to look for what can’t always be found instead of asking their own contacts for advice or recommendations. At Widr, we want to change this.

Do you think your values match ours? Are you ambitious, and ready to be listened to? Do you want to go beyond simply thinking about the future and contribute to the creation of a global network available to everyone, based on true professional reputation? If you want to build it, live in it and make it a reality… then put simply, we want to work with you.

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