About Widr

  • Why Widr?

  • Where can I download the application?

  • Do I have to pay to use the application?

Signing Up

  • How do I sign up?

  • Can I sign up using my Facebook account?

Using Widr

  • How do I ask a question?

  • Can I ask a question without signing up?

  • Who will be able to see and respond to my question?

  • What sort of questions can I ask? What are the different categories?

  • How can I trust recommendations?

Member Exchanges

Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • Why do you need to access my Contacts?

  • Can I see which contact I have in common with other Widr members?

  • Can the Widr team access my Contacts’ phone numbers?

  • What do you do with user data?

  • What happens to my data if I wish to unsubscribe?

  • Can I use Widr without authorizing access to my Contacts?

  • Can other users access my Contacts?

  • Will other users have access to my phone number?

  • Which parts of my profile can other Widr members see?