Data privacy

  • Is the content of my agenda visible by WIDR?

  • Who does the data belong to?

  • Where is the data stored?

Account settings

  • How can I validate my Widr page?

  • How long does it take to validate my page ?

Services included

  • Do subscriptions have to be paid for?

  • How to benefit from 50K€ on the Widr Store?

  • Is WIDR free?

  • What services are included for lawyers who join WIDR?

  • Will I be referenced on Google?

  • Can I use the online calendar in everyday life?

How it works

  • How does Widr select a single lawyer per search?

  • Are lawyers selected by a ranking or scoring system?

  • Does Widr take a commission on the client/lawyer relationship?

  • How to ensure the veracity of a legal request?

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