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Why Widr Pay?
Average collection period for individual lawyers and small law firms.
According to the National statistics
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Average collection period for 100 last invoices paid through Widr Pay
Stop chasing payments.
Start getting paid!
The job is finished. Why haven’t you been paid?
You have heard all the reasons: they didn't see the invoice, they're out of checks, or they just haven't got to it. 90 days later: you still are not paid!
You don’t have time to figure the reason they aren’t paying. You have a job to do, and you have bills to pay.
It’s easy for you.
Add a client’s contact info
Add an amount
Send it
Managing invoices is simple. Your a lawyer not an accountant.
Add the clients name. Add the invoice amount. Send it and get back to being a lawyer. It’s that simple!
But even easier for your client.
Client adds a card...
...or their bank details...
...and pays your invoice
No more excuses.
Widr Pay accepts all payments. No more writing checks. Reminders are automatically sent. No more chasing invoices. It’s so seamless that the average lawyer gets paid within 13 days!
Invoice from Tom Clifford
5,000.00 EUR due May 31, 2020
Card numberMM / YY     CVC
Automate your workflow with recurring payments
Recurring payments the easy way
Yoour clients automatically enrolled for the term you decide
One invoice - one payment. Everytime
Update payment terms if needed
Stop creating the same invoice every month!
If you have a client being billed the same amount each month, you can create a recurring payment for a term period that you decide.
Service you are billing for
Legal service
Monthly Payment duration
3 months
12 months
Last month your client will be charget is December, 2020
Client information
Contact name*
Contact Email*
Accepted payment methods
Widr Pay sends a friendly nudge when clients haven’t paid
If your invoice is not paid, your client receives reminders via Email or SMS.
Add the due date
Reminders are sent each week or in a custom interval...
...until your invoice has been paid
Most clients pay quickly. Some need a friendly reminder.
You don’t have time to chase down clients and remind them that they have not paid. With Widr Pay, it’s automatic.
No more excuses for unpaid invoices.
The terms and deadlines are documented.
Clients who don’t pay within the terms that you define are sent an email notifying them that the payment is now overdue, and there is a record that they have seen the email.
Payment to Priscilla Robertson
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Sender has been notified that you've viewed this invoice.
overdue 7 days
Invoice #F57F7F9C-0001
Billed to: Kathryn Pena
Date due: Mar 22, 2020
– 9876

Dear Kathryn,

This is a friendly reminder that your invoice is overdue by 2 weeks.

Please make this payment immediately.

If you’ve already paid the invoice, then you can disregard this notification.

Need help?
Questions? Contact Priscilla Robertson at
or call +33 (0)1 77 00 00 00
Collect payments on your website or with a simple link with Widr Pay form
Payments wherever you need them.
Share it as a link via Email, Messenger or SMS
Embed it to your website and accept payments
It even works for your old paper invoices
Collect payments anywhere!
Add a link to your payment page in your email signature or embed it as a form on your website. We supply the code, and, if needed, the support to install it on your website.
Tom Clifford & Associates
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One organized dashboard for all of your invoices
Don't leave your software behind. We support Quickbooks and other popular accounting tools. Widr Pay enhances what you already have.
Distinguish payment by a payment method:
Direct debit
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Recurring payments
Invoices created for Recurring payments marked with a relevant icon.
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