Payments made simple for huissiers
Compliant with the "National Code of Ethics."
All the money paid by a debitor is sent directly to the huissier. Fees are taken separately to be compliant with the huissier regulation.
Get paid instantly over the phone
Payments can be made over the phone by debit card or IBAN.
Free registration and setup, no membership fee
Our risk free solution takes only a small fee when payments are made.
Subscriptions to collect recurring payments
Request payments that automatically collects the same payment each month / week over a period of time that you set.
Payment page
Your clients can easily pay online with an automatically generated payment page.
Automated reminders
If your invoice still unpaid, your client receives reminders via Email. You decide of the timing.
Compliant with La Banque des Territoires
Any money received is compliant with all regulatory guidelines.
Get started now and make getting paid simple!
Professionals agree: Widr is the easiest way to bill clients.
  • Verified
    Widr Pay has made it possible to speed up our settlements and make it easy to pay our contractors with due diligence. Highly recommended.
    Arnaud Touati
    Startup attorney
  • Verified
    Finally a simple payment solution adapted for lawyers. Our clients are delighted! I recommend it!
    David Smadja
    Founder of DJS AVOCATS law firm
  • Verified
    My first bill was paid in less than 5 minutes! It’s easy to use for the lawyer and the client, several payment methods are offered, and above all it’s ...
    Linda FARES
    Tax attorney
  • Verified
    Easy to use and practical. Perfect tool and I recommend it to all my colleagues.
    Olfa B’chir
    Lawyer at the Paris Bar based in Los Angeles
  • Verified
    Invoices are sent instantly and tracked until payment, a key advantage for treasury management.
    Pierre Callède
    Founding Lawyer Constellation
  • Verified
    Widr Pay simplifies and accelerates the payment process by allowing the lawyer to keep control of the invoicing/payment solution on a case-by-case bas ...
    Sarah Temple-Boyer
    Corporate law attorney / Industrial and commercial contracts
  • Verified
    As a bailiff, I use Widr to offer online payments to the firm’s debtors and creditors. Many asked to pay by credit card and I was not equipped because ...
    Camille Heinimann
    Bailiff at Maître Camille Heinimann law office
  • Verified
    Widr is an essential tool for every lawyer! It takes only a few minutes to register and get started. Bravo Widr!
    Camille Mirabel-Chambaud
    Lawyer - Business Law
  • Verified
    Widr Pay is an excellent tool for both the firm and clients. Fast payment, in less than 1 minute, better treasury management and satisfied clients wit ...
    Juliette Chapelle
    Criminal defense attorney and founder of Chapelle Avocat law firm
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