3% per
Unlimited invoices and transactions
No subscription or hidden fees
All payment methods accepted
Debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, SEPA, etc.
Automated reminders for unpaid invoices
Never chase down a late payment again
White label invoices and payment pages
Put your branding on everything you send out
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Recurring payments
Allow clients to pay over time
Accept payments on your website
Embed your payment right onto your web page with a simple code (we can help you!)
Try risk-free
All fees refunded on your first two transactions
Direct debit
Pull funds from the customer’s bank account
Partial payments
Split your invoice into few payments
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Widr Pay free?

    No. There is no subscription or setup fees, but we charge 3% banking fees per transaction.

  • Why customers pay quicker with Widr Pay than bank wire?

    Because there is no friction.

    There are more payment options. From debit card or credit card and even Apple Pay

  • Is it really tailored for law firms?

    Yes. It’s created by & for lawyers. Widr Pay is ABA compliant and CCPA compliant. We respect your privacy and all the data is yours. We don't store any banking information or debit card ID. We run on Stripe (the world’s most popular payment provider) to provide you security and insurance (anti-fraud).

  • Is it easy to setup?

    It takes seconds to sign-up. Most users are able to add their banking information and start collecting payments in less than ten minutes!

    The informations request to provide online payment methods to your customers are minimals, we won't take informations which is not required by the banking regulator (e.g. SSN is not request or proof of residential).

    All setup is made online, automatically approved. You benefit to a live support for any request or questions.

  • What payment option for companies?

    Direct Debit. Your customer could pay you as they would do a bank wire without going to the bank interface and instantly. How: provide SWIFT and ABA. No more informations requested. This method is supported by 99% companies on market.

  • Are there limitations on payments by card?

    No. The only limitation is your customer limitation. If you bill a $10K invoice and your customer doesn’t have enough to cover it, they will be declined; they will get a message saying they have insufficient funds or have exceeded their payment limitation. We will provide a secondary option: direct debit (pay by SWIFT + Routing number).

  • Where is the money received?

    The bank account that you set up. We accept bank accounts in over 120 countries.

    When a customer pay you, the money is directly sent to your bank account (minus banking fees which are delivered to us).

  • Can I refund a customer?

    Yes. You can refund in total or partially.

    You can also register a manual payment (check, cash) or just cancel an invoice.

  • Do you see my payment information?

    No. We take care of the ultra-simple dashboard to manage/follow your invoices and payments, Stripe takes care of the security of the transaction (with the antifraud insurance included in the 3% banking fees)

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