We only get paid when you do. No membership. Never.
Simple conditions for solo and small law firms
3% per transaction
Bank fee and insurance included
Free set up with no subscription or hidden fees
2 first invoices: bank fees refunded (limited time offer)
Unlimited invoices and transactions
No subscription or hidden fees
All payment methods accepted
Debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, SEPA
Automated reminders for unpaid invoices
Take the work out of chasing late payments
Monthly payments (on card or bank account)
Partial payment or suscription made easy
Productivity tools
Online agenda, video conferencing, personal page
An organization with big payments volume? Contact an expert today.
Get the modernity, without the complexity
Ultra-simple payment solution
No fees on your first two payments
Real-time financing
Support all method payments
Automated reminders for unpaid invoices
Partial and monthly payment
Accept debit/credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, SEPA direct.
White label invoices
Online conference
Free unlimited video and audio calls without any software to setup
Works on every devices (desktop, mobile)
Live document sharing (e.g. contract)
Secured and unique room
Screen sharing
Secured and encrypted communication
Online appointements scheduler
Google and Outlook calendar integration
Show free time slot only
Availabilities management
Automatic time zone detection
Confirmations and reminders
Avoid double-meetings
Personal web page
Free domain
Designed for lawyers
Integration with online meeting scheduler
Advanced Search Engines Optimization
Boosted on Google Maps and Google Business
Instantly available on desktop and mobile
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Widr Pay free?

    No. Even if there is no membership or setup fees, we charge 3% banking fees per transaction (to compare: PayPal charges 3.4% and is not white label).

  • Why customers pay quicker with Widr Pay than bank wire?

    Because there is no friction.

    In one email, customer receive the invoice, the details of services and the payment instructions "pay now" with al modern payment method (from debit card, direct debit to Apple Pay)

  • Is it really tailored for law firms?

    Yes, created by & for lawyers. Widr Pay is ABA compliant and even CCPA compliant. We respect your privacy and all the datas are yours. We don't store any banking informations or debit card ID. We run on Stripe (world most popular payment provider) to provide you security and insurance (anti-fraud). All the payment interface is so easy we got thousands request from no-lawyer to get access to to Widr Pay.

  • Is it easy to setup?

    Around 10min required, no more.

    The informations request to provide online payment methods to your customers are minimals, we won't take informations which is not required by the banking regulator (e.g. SSN is not request or proof of residential).

    All setup is made online, automatically approved. You benefit to a live support for any request or questions.

  • What payment option for companies?

    Direct Debit. Your customer could pay you as they would do a bank wire without going to the bank interface and instantly. How: provide SWIFT and ABA. No more informations requested. This method is supported by 99% companies on market.

  • Is there a limitation on payment by card?

    No. The only limitation is your customer limitation. If you bill a $10K invoice and your customer try to pay with his debit card and got declined, we will mention the reason (e.g. insufisant funds or online payment limitation exceeded) and provide a secondary option: direct debit (pay by SWIFT + Routing number).

  • Where is the money received?

    Where you want. Can be on your trust account or law firm account. We accept all bank account in more than 120 countries (USA included of course).

    When a customer pay you, the money is directly sent to your bank account (minus banking fees which are delivered to us).

  • Can I refund a customer?

    Yes. You can refund in total or partially.

    You can also register a manual payment (check, cash) or just cancel an invoice.

  • Am you (law firm) responsible for payment?

    No. We take care of the ultra simple dashboard to manage/follow your invoices and payments, Stripe takes care of the security of the transaction (with the antifraud insurance included in the 3% banking fees)

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