Simplify your payments and your financial management.
Widr Pay allows you to accept payments, automate reminders, collect debts online; in a simple, all-in-one solution | RGPD and RIN compliant
No subscription or credit card required
Widr Pay has made it possible to speed up our settlements and make it easy to pay our contractors with due diligence. Highly recommended.
Arnaud Touati
Startup attorney
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    Add a payment link to your invoices, we take care of the rest...
    Simple, Free and Powerful | Recommended by IFEC
    No software migration needed
    Integrable with Word, zLawyer, Jarvis... +35 softwares
    Accept Cards, Apple Pay and Instant Wire (IBAN)
    Real time payment notification
    Invoice acquitted to the customer immediately
    New: integrated recovery by bailiff
    From Billing to Collection
    makes your daily life easier and integrated with your tools.
    • Bill at the right time
      Based on +20 unique criteria, our AI determines when you need to bill a customer. Facilitate follow-up by automating your reminders until payment is received.
      Diversify your plans
      Offer pre-authorized debits to secure payments in installments or work on a subscription basis.
      Your payment link
      Accept payments on your payment page, in your name, with your logo and graphics.
      Integrations with your tools
      Easily add Widr Pay to your software, thanks to our integrations with SAP, Sage, zLawyer... and over 35 business applications.
      Smart Reminders
      Are you stressed about calling an invoice? Not if it comes from your organization, at the right time and on a regular basis.
      Collection 2.0
      An invoice is overdue? Get it paid thanks to amicable collection by bailiff: 1 invoice out of 2 paid within 14 days
      same-day payment
      When an invoice is sent at the right time and payment is simple: your customers usually pay on receipt
      collection costs
      our collection 2.0 allows the management by bailiff in the amicable of all your debts, from 50€, individual or company. To success (0€ if unsuccessful).
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    1700+ financial teams trust us
    4.7/5 on Google Reviews & TrustPilot
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      Arnaud Touati
      Widr Pay has made it possible to speed up our settlements and make it easy to pay our contractors with due diligence. Highly recommended.
    • avatar
      David Smadja
      Founder of DJS LAW GROUP
      Finally a simple payment solution adapted for lawyers. Our clients are delighted! I recommend it!
    • avatar
      Linda FARES
      My first bill was paid in less than 5 minutes! It’s easy to use for the lawyer and the client, several payment methods are offered, and above all it’s ...
    • avatar
      Olfa B’chir
      Lawyer at the Paris Bar based in Los Angeles
      Easy to use and practical. Perfect tool and I recommend it to all my colleagues.
    • avatar
      Pierre Callède
      Founding Lawyer Constellation
      Invoices are sent instantly and tracked until payment, a key advantage for treasury management.
    • avatar
      Camille Heinimann
      Bailiff at Maître Camille Heinimann law office
      As a bailiff, I use Widr to offer online payments to the firm’s debtors and creditors. Many asked to pay by credit card and I was not equipped because ...
    • avatar
      Camille Mirabel-Chambaud
      Lawyer - Business Law
      Widr is an essential tool for every lawyer! It takes only a few minutes to register and get started. Bravo Widr!
    • avatar
      Juliette Chapelle
      Criminal defense attorney and founder of Chapelle Law Group
      Widr Pay is an excellent tool for both the firm and clients. Fast payment, in less than 1 minute, better treasury management and satisfied clients wit ...
    • avatar
      Aurélie Levrel
      IP/IT/Startup Lawyer
      Easy to use, ergonomic and efficient platform, I recommend!
    • avatar
      Camille SMADJA
      Lawyer at DJS Law Group
      A ready to use as fast as light for a real simplification of payments for clients
    • avatar
      Marina Carrier
      Lawyer in internet law and Blockchain
      THE payment tool as simple as intuitive witch were missing to the Lawyer profession. I recommand !
    • avatar
      Laurent Ferracci
      Laywer in trade and corporate law
      Widr provide a new payment tool to propose my clients, immediatly simply and without subscription fees
    • avatar
      Elias Bourran
      Lawyer co-founder at Beaubourg Law Group
      My clients can pay emolument easily; I don't have to take of my time for reminders for regular payments or subscription because of monthly debit. Than ...
    • avatar
      Bruno Guillier
      Lawyer - Paris BAR
      Very easy to setup and well accepted by customers, Widr really makes it possible to simplify its invoicing. Very useful, I highly recommend to my coll ...
    • avatar
      Emmanuel Boukris
      Widr Pay allows direct and quick payment by my customers.
    • avatar
      Quentin Blanchet Magon
      Lawyer Co-founder at ASK Law Group
      Widr Pay is the ideal tool for obtaining rapid settlement of the firm's invoices, in particular the settlement of subscriptions and retainers.
    • avatar
      Alexandra Ternon
      lawyer at Reims BAR
      I were looking a while for a solution allowing my customers to pay invoices simply and easily, without subscription. I found the ideal solution with ...
    • avatar
      Paul Brender
      IT-IP and Patent Engineer • SEED AVOCAT Law Firm
      This easy way to add payment link to your invoices allows winning time and fluidity for the lawyer and its client. Why Why deprive yourself of such a ...
    • avatar
      Isabelle Grenier
      Team Coach and Chairman at AcePoint Consulting
      I sent my first invoice through Widr Pay and it was paid within 1 hour. The Widr Pay team offered to help me if needed and was attentive. I highly rec ...
    • avatar
      Diane Lemoine
      Social Law at LM AVOCATS Law Firm
      Easy to set up and relevant for my clients in need of paying by Credit Card. I recommend
    • avatar
      Jean Aurelien Santoni
      Laywer at MCM Law Firm
      Quick and full of tools to help my clients pay easely, invoices management relevant
    • avatar
      Rachel Kessler
      Criminal and property Lawyer at HUNZINGER-CALVANO and associates
      Widr Pay is an easy-to-use service so that clients can pay online, without exorbitant subscriptions and without bank charges payable by the lawyer! I ...
    • avatar
      Florian Dauny
      Business Immigration Lawyer
      Widr Pay is key to simplify payments for customers in the US and overseas
    • avatar
      Julien Le
      Office Manager - Hashtag Avocats
      With Widr Pay, we save 1 hour of administration per invoice. A new norm for the profession.
    • avatar
      Dalila Madjid
      Lawyer at DM Law Firm
      I recommend it to colleagues, because it is very practical for remote consultations payments.
    • avatar
      Caroline Benhaim
      Lawyer at Benhaim Avocat
      A very easy-to-use "all-online" payment interface, my invoices are paid almost without delay and my customers are delighted. I recommend Widr Pay
    • avatar
      Romain Cieslewicz
      Lawyer CWZ Law firm
      I use Widr for my business with individuals. Customers appreciate being able to pay by credit card, especially in installments, and this allows me to ...
    • avatar
      Marc Davi
      Lawyer and Founder at Divorceo
      I use Widr Pay to pay my practice invoices. It's simple, efficient and appreciated by customers for the simplicity of online payment, in particular th ...
    • avatar
      Barbara Wager
      Lawyer at Wager Lawfirm
      I recently started using Widr Pay, which is very easy and pleasant to use. This is a real bonus for law firms
    • avatar
      Nathalie BONNEL
      Easy to use, it is very popular with my private and business clients. I recommend !
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